API for User Info

Experimental Feature

Users’ dashboards built in Voilà, Streamlit, Plotly Dash etc may benefit from knowing which JupyterHub user is currently accessing the dashboard, along with other information about them.

There is a simple API available to obtain this within a dashboard notebook or Python script etc, for example in Javascript:

        mode: 'no-cors',
        credentials: 'same-origin',
        headers: new Headers({'Access-Control-Allow-Origin':'*'})

This should return JSON something like:

{'kind': 'user',
'name': 'dan',
'admin': True,
'groups': ['spawners-group'],
'server': '/user/dan/', /* Just their default 'My Server' */
'pending': None,
'created': '2020-06-10T15:00:51.975826Z',
'last_activity': '2020-12-16T09:40:59.163744Z',
'servers': None}

An explanation of how this could be used in Voilà is in this Gist.

It is possible to instruct the User Info API to return extra information by adding some configuration to jupyterhub_config:

  • include_auth_state

  • include_servers

  • include_servers_state

More details are here.

These should all be considered very carefully from a security point of view, depending on your overall JupyterHub configuration.