Contact and Mailing List

This software is an alpha version. Please see LICENSE for details.

Please do get in touch if you try out the package, or would like to but need some support. I would be very interested to find out how it can be used, and to work (without charge) to help you get it running. The project needs feedback in order to develop further!

For more background on this project and our related ContainDS Desktop product, please see our website:

Contact with any comments or questions at all.

Please sign up to the ContainDS email list to receive notifications about updates to the project including new features and security advice.

There is also a Gitter room for general chat with other community members, e.g. for confguration and use case tips.

More formal bug reports and feature suggestions can be submitted on GitHub Issues.

Or Tweet the author @danlester.

Thank you.


If you are using ContainDS Dashboards in production please consider subscribing to a support plan.

This will back future development of the project and is a great way to satisfy your business stakeholders that you are adopting sustainable and supported software.

It also helps you reach your corporate social responsibility goals since our open source software is used by academic and non-profit organizations.

More Sponsorship details are on GitHub.