Other Spawners

It should be possible to adapt most JupyterHub spawner types to work with ContainDS Dashboards. The most important thing is to ensure it responds correctly when run with a ‘cmd’ of python -m jhsingle_native_proxy.main instead of jupyterhub-singleuser.

Popular spawners such as KubeSpawner, LocalProcessSpawner, SystemdSpawner, DockerSpawner, and the UserCreatingSpawner that comes with The Littlest JupyterHub already have ‘Variable’ versions provided with the cdsdashboards package.

The various BatchSpawners and SudoSpawner are described below.

In general, take a look at the documentation for installing ContainDS Dashboards with a spawner that is similar to the one you want to use, then create your own spawner in jupyterhub_config.py as follows (using ‘MySpawner’ as an example):

from cdsdashboards.hubextension.spawners.variablemixin import VariableMixin, MetaVariableMixin

class VariableMySpawner(MySpawner, VariableMixin, metaclass=MetaVariableMixin):

c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = VariableMySpawner


If your JupyterHub is using a BatchSpawner then please broadly follow the setup instructions for LocalProcessSpawner or SystemdSpawner.

However, you will need to define a custom spawner class in your jupyterhub_config.py file.

For example, if you are using SlurmSpawner:

from batchspawner import SlurmSpawner
from cdsdashboards.hubextension.spawners.variablemixin import VariableMixin, MetaVariableMixin

class VariableSlurmSpawner(SlurmSpawner, VariableMixin, metaclass=MetaVariableMixin):

c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = VariableSlurmSpawner

c.VariableMixin.default_presentation_cmd = ['jhsingle-native-proxy']

The final line is normally required in order to navigate through the way the standard batchspawner-singleuser script works.


A variable version of SudoSpawner is provided within cdsdashboards. You should probably follow the instructions for LocalProcessSpawner or SystemdSpawner except use this for the spawner_class:

c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = 'cdsdashboards.hubextension.spawners.variablesudospawner.VariableSudoSpawner'